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memo n : a written proposal or reminder [syn: memorandum, memoranda]

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  • (RP) /mɛməʊ/
  • (US) /mɛmoʊ/
    Rhymes: -ɛməʊ


  1. a short note; a memorandum


a short note


  1. To record something; to make a note of something.
  2. To send someone a note about something, for the record.
    I made sure to memo him about the client's complaints.



short for memorando

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Memo may refer to:
  • Most commonly Memorandum.
  • Memorandum Recordings - record company
  • Memo, Tibet
  • MEMO - specialization in electrical engineering that studies Microwaves, Electromagnetism and Optoelectronic. The term is originally French (micro-ondes, électromagnetisme et optoélectronique).
  • Mehmet Okur, a Turkish professional basketball player
  • Memo Diriker, Director of the Business, Economic, and Community Outreach at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland (USA)
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